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var jsMeta = require("@aedart/js-meta")

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@aedart/js-meta v1.3.3

Stores meta data of various kinds about given target classes or methods

Js Meta

Keeps track of various kinds of meta data about a class or a method, without manipulating the target.

Behind the scene, a WeakMap is used to store the information.


How to install

npm install @aedart/js-meta

Quick start

import Meta from '@aedart/js-meta';

class MyClass {
    // ... body not shown ..//

// Add arbitrary data about MyClass
Meta.addClass(MyClass, {
    name: 'MyClass',
    description: 'Yarr, swashbuckling strength!',
    maxLifetime: 23

// Obtain arbitrary data about MyClass
let metaData = Meta.get(MyClass); // Returns "@aedart/js-meta/src/Meta/ClassData" object

// Outputs:
//  {
//        name: 'MyClass',
//        description: 'Yarr, swashbuckling strength!',
//        maxLifetime: 23
//   }

Please review internal documentation (@aedart/js-meta/src/Meta.js) for additional API information.


BSD-3-Clause, Read the LICENSE file included in this package

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