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require("rxjs/package.json"); // rxjs is a peer dependency. var rxCrypto = require("@akanass/rx-crypto")

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@akanass/rx-crypto v1.0.0

Crypto module provides some functions for security features like AES key, Key pair, RSA key, PKCS12, Certificate, PEM and more


Crypto library provides some functions for security features like AES key, Key pair, PKCS12, RSA key, Certificate, JWT and more.

We use existing node modules to provide these functions: NodeRSA, PEM, JWT and RandomString but we add Observable feature for asynchronous and stream processes.

All most important crypto features in only one library.

Table of contents

Using rx-crypto library

yarn or npm it in your package.json

$ npm install --save @akanass/rx-crypto rxjs


$ yarn add @akanass/rx-crypto rxjs
"dependencies": {
    "@akanass/rx-crypto": "^1.0.0",
    "rxjs": "^6.5.2",

use it anywhere

You can use AES, Hash, PEM, RandomString, JWT and RSA anywhere in your own library or script.

import { RSA, NodeRSA } from '@akanass/rx-crypto';

const rsa: RSA = new RSA();
    (k: NodeRSA) => console.log(k), // Show NodeRSA instance in console
    e => console.error(e) // Show error in console

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API in Detail

We implemented some services and to see their details go to documentation folder:

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To set up your development environment:

  1. clone the repo to your workspace,
  2. in the shell cd to the main folder,
  3. hit npm or yarn install,
  4. run npm or yarn run test.
    • It will lint the code and execute all tests.
    • The test coverage report can be viewed from ./coverage/lcov-report/index.html.

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Change History

  • v1.0.0 (2019-08-27)
    • Implementation of library with AES, Hash, PEM, RandomString and RSA
    • Implementation of Observable's operators for AES and RSA features.
    • Related tests.
    • Documentation.


Copyright (c) 2019 Nicolas Jessel Licensed under the MIT license.

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