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var transmuteEjs = require("@alchemy-js/transmute-ejs")

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@alchemy-js/transmute-ejs v1.0.1

Transmute ejs with Alchemy

Transmute ejs

Transmutes ejs for the Alchemy static site generator.

  • Transmutes file content to use ejs templates
  • File must contain front-matter with a valid layout property
    • layout: <templateName>.ejs
  • Should appear after any markdown transmutations (if applicable)
  • Options object accepts all valid ejs options


npm i @alchemy/transmute-ejs


This is a wrapper around the ejs package, accepting all valid options as an object.

const Alchemy = require('@alchemy-js/alchemy');
const ejs = require('@alchemy-js/transmute-ejs');

  /* file paths */
    /* accepts valid ejs options as an object */
    use: './layouts'



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