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@armor/create-armor-ui lists no main file and has no index.js, so it can't be directly required. If this is a mistake, please let us know. It may however contain internal files that you can require manually:

// require("@armor/create-armor-ui/[??]")

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@armor/create-armor-ui v1.1.5

A CLI tool for generating Armor UI apps.

Build Status @armor/api Managed With

Create Armor UI


  • [x] Installs core Armor dependencies
  • [x] Connects to API out of the box, login redirect, and an example call to /me
  • [x] Generates Example components that illustrate how routing and nav should be set up
  • [x] Creates Passing Unit tests for generated components (100% coverage)
  • [ ] Passes lint (angular cli generated e2e test do not pass)
  • [ ] Runs e2e tests



We need to install Angular CLI & Armor Create UI

npm i -g @angular/cli @armor/create-armor-ui

Create directory

If you have already set up a git repo, just cd into that now.

Otherwise create a new dir and cd in.

mkdir my-app
cd my-app

Generate your new app

You just need to type create-armor-ui and supply a name for your app.

create-armor-ui myApp

Run Your App

# run the app against TDE
npm run dev # prod | cert

Testing / Linting

Lint (scss & ts)

npm run lint

Unit Tests

npm run test

End-toEnd Tests


We are running tests on TDE with the ``

  1. Install pass if you do not already have it.
  2. Initialize a new password store
    • pass init <gpg-key-id>
      • gpg --list-keys to list gpg-keys
  3. save tde/portal/ to pass
    • pass insert tde/portal/

Running Locally

  1. export your password to your environment variables
    • $export tdePass="$(pass tde/portal/"
  2. serve up & test the app
    • npm run e2e

Writing tests

When writing tests it may be better to serve up the app with npm start and then in another terminal run npm run e2e:no-serve. This will save the time it takes to rebuild the app. You still need to export the password to env $export tdePass="$(pass tde/portal/"

Error Messages and Solutions

Forgot to add tdePass to env

Error Message

Failed: each key must be a number of string; got undefined


Add tdePass to env

export tdePass="$(pass tde/portal/"


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