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// require("@atlauncher/atlauncher-scripts/[??]")

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@atlauncher/atlauncher-scripts v0.2.4

Configuration and scripts for use with ATLauncher projects.


This package aims to be the central connection point between modules at ATLauncher and our standards.

The idea comes from react-scripts used by create-react-app and is intended to abstract our standard process away from each module into a single package.


Some commands are configured using the config property in package.json.

Different commands can have different configs, an example is below:

    "config": {
        "atlauncher": {
            "someConfig": 44

Alternatively you can specify configuration in the command line by using format --{configName}={value} so for instance --someConfig=44.

Overwriting command defaults

Many files such as .eslintrc, .markdownlint.json and .eslintignore which are used by commands can easily be overwritten by simply putting the same file in the root of the project using atlauncher-scripts.

While this is possible, if you need to override some config, you should consider doing so in the defaults in this repository.


Below is a list of commands that you can run and their arguments/switches.


atlauncher-scripts babel-run [arguments]

This will run the given arguments with babel-run.


atlauncher-scripts build

This will build the files in the src/ directory with babel and put the compiled files into the dist/ directory.


atlauncher-scripts clean [--dry-run] [--lock-files] [--node-modules]

You can provide a --dry-run switch to not make any changes to the file system.

You can provide a --lock-files switch to clean up Yarn and NPM lock files, which aren't cleaned by default.

You can provide a --node-modules switch to clean up the node_modules folder, which isn't cleaned by default.

You can optionally provide an array of extra folders/files to clean in your package.json:

    "config": {
        "atlauncher": {
            "extraToClean": ["cleanMeUp"]


atlauncher-scripts commitmsg

This is intended to be used with husky to provide a git hook on commit.

It currently checks the commit message to make sure it's valid and follows our guidelines.


atlauncher-scripts lint:js [--watch] [--debug]

Lints all JS files in the src/ directory.

You can provide a --watch switch to allow watching of files.

You can also provide a --debug switch to allow turning on debug mode.


atlauncher-scripts lint:md

Lints all MD files.


atlauncher-scripts lint:pj

Lints the package.json file.


atlauncher-scripts test [--watch] [--debug] [--coverage] [--noConcurrency] [--forceExit]

You can provide a --watch switch to allow watching of your tests.

You can also provide a --debug switch to allow turning on debug mode.

You can also provide a --coverage switch to do coverage reporting.

You can also provide a --noConcurrency switch to not run tests in parallel (useful for CI).

You can also provide a --forceExit switch to force exit the process when Jest finishes running.

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