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var eventEmitterTester = require("@charisma-ai/event-emitter-tester")

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@charisma-ai/event-emitter-tester v0.0.3

Tester for emitters with on/off interface

Event Emitter Tester

A utility to make testing event emitters simpler.


yarn add @charisma-ai/event-emitter-tester
import EventEmitterTester from "@charisma-ai/event-emitter-tester";

class MyTester extends EventEmitterTester {
  constructor(emitter, options = {}) {
    super(emitter, options);

  reply(text: string): MyTester {
    this.addToQueue(() => {
      // do your event here...
    return this;

  awaitMessage(callback: (message: string) => void): MyTester {
    this.awaitEvent("message", callback);
    return this;

async function run() {
  const tester = new MyTester(emitter, { timeout: 5000 });
  await tester
    .reply("How are you?")
    .awaitMessage(message => expect(message).toEqual("Great thanks"))
    .awaitMessage(message => expect(message).toEqual("Indeed."))
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