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var bchJs = require("@chris.troutner/bch-js")

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@chris.troutner/bch-js v2.3.1

Bitcoin Cash JavaScript Library based on BITBOX


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bch-js is a JavaScript npm library for creating web and mobile apps for interacting with the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain.

const BCHJS = require("@chris.troutner/bch-js")
let bchjs = new BCHJS(``)

// testnet
bchjs = new BCHJS(``)

This is a fork of the BITBOX SDK (which is maintained by This library is intended to be paired with the bch-api REST API.

If you need a backward-compatible instantiation of this library, you can use a 'shim'. Do it like this:

const BCHJS = require("@chris.troutner/bch-js")
const bitbox = BCHJS.BitboxShim(``)


The REST API hosted by uses JWT tokens for access, to pay for increased rate limits when interacting with a REST API. See the videos on this website, this video, and this article for more information.

  • You can change the REST API used by the app by setting your RESTURL environment variable. The default value is
  • You can get a JWT token from Pass in the JWT token by setting the environment variable BCHJSTOKEN to the JWT token.

Or you can pass in either value when instantiating bch-js:

const BCHJS = require("@chris.troutner/bch-js")
let bchjs = new BCHJS({
  restURL: ``,
  apiToken: 'eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJpZCI6IjVkYmY4MjA1YTYwODliMjliYTlhZjc1OSIsImlhdCI6MTU3NTQ5MTA2OSwiZXhwIjoxNTc4MDgzMDY5fQ.JKjGw6pZb3y8B5rzWATFd6sLjmG8brkQf4UwApxdiwU'

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This library sets itself apart from BITBOX with the following features:

  • ECMAScript 2017 standard JavaScript used instead of TypeScript. Works natively with node.js v10 or higher.

  • slp-sdk features are integrated into this library too, though not fully working. If you need SLP token functionality, you should use slp-sdk or slp-cli-wallet.

  • Semantic Release for continuous delivery using semantic versioning.

  • Greenkeeper automatic dependency management for automatically maintaining the latest, most secure dependencies.

  • IPFS uploads of all files and dependencies, to backup dependencies in case they are ever inaccessible from GitHub or npm.


Full documentation for this library can be found here:

Original documentation on BITBOX is available at:

bch-js uses APIDOC so that documentation and working code live in the same repository. To generate the documentation:

  • npm run docs
  • Open the generated docs/index.html file in a web browser.


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IPFS Releases

I will periodically publish IPFS releases of this repository, including all dependencies in the node_modules folder. This ensures working copies of this repository can be retrieved in case there is any drift in dependency files, or if dependencies are pulled from npm or GitHub.

  • Initial fork on 5/9/2019:

    • without node_modules folder: QmQFHfbBQdEHfhtiRLbXtX1NcgnfL45hZb7TbQimTXAuzG (4 MB)
    • with node_modules folder: QmXq9Ds6Qdkg9xbRhcF8pay9KabA6QN2y7bx3wvSqiXifk (107 MB)
  • v1.0.0 - refactored to pure JavaScript:

    • without node_modules folder: QmNjFsiTZRMAUa9rZpXqZqivv9JLaNicwLSPHjyLB7PVDk (1 MB)
    • with node_modules folder: Qma9ScApwBtuL7dpdSk7jpBFTxbqRdiR921WjyP75SU7bT (100 MB)



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