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var releaser = require("@cypress/releaser")

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@cypress/releaser v0.2.2

Internal module which manages releasing cypress packages

Cypress Releaser

This module is used interally to help release and manage Cypress modules.

What this does


npm install --save-dev @cypress/releaser


## use from the command line

## dont actually push or tag
releaser --dry-run

## bypass creating .node-version file
releaser --no-node

## bypass checking for uncommitted changes
releaser --no-clean

## bypass prompting or committing a changelog
releaser --no-changelog

## bypass requiring master branch
releaser --branch=<your branch>

You should probably add this to your package.json scripts

// package.json
  "scripts": {
    "release": "releaser"

Now you can run:

npm run release

If you want to pass arguments to release make sure you use double dashes.

## use double dashes when running from 'scripts'
npm run release -- --no-clean --dry-run


0.2.2 - (09/10/17)

  • fix context

0.2.1 - (06/19/17)

  • use dev dist-tags with hours, minutes, seconds instead of random 3 chars

0.2.0 - (06/19/17)

  • prompt user for picking npm dist-tag
  • bump inquirer

0.1.12 - (04/20/17)

  • bump cypress-coffee-script dep

0.1.11 - (04/20/17)

  • update readme

0.1.10 - (04/20/17)

  • publish under new name, use cypress-coffee-script

0.1.9 - (04/20/17)

  • specify release-it version

0.1.8 - (05/23/16)

  • missing dep

0.1.7 - (04/29/16)

  • added date to changelog entries


  • updated default node version in question prompt


  • updated node version to 5.10.0


  • switch to git status for displaying untracked / uncommitted files


  • handle case sensitive file names during lookup


  • renamed bin to 'releaser'
  • usage docs


  • missing dep


  • initial release with basic functionality
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