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require("@ecomplus/utils/package.json"); // @ecomplus/utils is a peer dependency. var passportClient = require("@ecomplus/passport-client")

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@ecomplus/passport-client v1.0.10

Handle customer authentication with E-Com Plus Passport

E-Com Plus Passport Client

Publish CodeFactor npm version License MIT

Handle customer authentication with E-Com Plus Passport



The @ecomplus/passport-client package can be used to handle login and persist/manipulate customer account data trough E-Com Plus Passport and Store APIs.

It's available for both Node.js and browser environments.


import ecomPassport from '@ecomplus/passport-client'

ecomPassport.fetchLogin(localStorage.getItem('email'), localStorage.getItem('doc_number'))

ecomPassport.on('logout', () => {
  console.log('User logged OUT')

ecomPassport.on('login', () => {
  console.log('User logged IN', ecomPassport.getCustomer())
    .then(orders => {
      console.log('Listing customer orders', orders)


It may require and doesn't include core-js (optional) and @ecomplus/utils (peer dependency).


npm i --save core-js @ecomplus/utils @ecomplus/passport-client


npm i --save @ecomplus/utils @ecomplus/passport-client


<script src=""></script>

When importing from CDN, EventEmitter3, ecomUtils and ecomClient libraries must be included separately and available on window scope.

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