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@ewert-online/re-crypt lists no main file and has no index.js, so it can't be directly required. If this is a mistake, please let us know. It may however contain internal files that you can require manually:

// require("@ewert-online/re-crypt/[??]")

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@ewert-online/re-crypt v1.3.0

Secure Hash Algorithms for ReasonML

What is it?

Hashing Algorithms implemented in ReasonML based on:

The following algorithms are currently supported

  • [x] MD5
  • [x] SHA-1
  • [x] SHA-224
  • [x] SHA-256
  • [x] SHA-384
  • [x] SHA-512

How do I install it?

yarn add @ewert-online/re-crypt


npm install @ewert-online/re-crypt --save

Then add @ewert-online/re-crypt as a dependency to bsconfig.json:

"bs-dependencies": [
+  "@ewert-online/re-crypt"

How do I use it?


let hash = ReCrypt.MD5.make("unicorn");
/* 1abcb33beeb811dca15f0ac3e47b88d9 */


let hash = ReCrypt.Sha1.make("unicorn");
/* 84de6753b298abd027fcd1d790eade2413eafb5a */


let hash = ReCrypt.Sha224.make("unicorn");
/* 983d515094574856a57db3a13741f0a65509bb640bfa551e78fa01d9 */


let hash = ReCrypt.Sha256.make("unicorn");
/* c6cb50e7eea0df1fd3eaf52ada2358f5423afd7c0b5ee2395231a9b3208ffcaf */


let hash = ReCrypt.Sha384.make("unicorn");
/* de41efa2be0844783ea107630a79246fb1f7b3ab97b35c5e4b70130804f876f64b645c1064a775507a7ac3be457539f2 */


let hash = ReCrypt.Sha512.make("unicorn");
/* e233b19aabc7d5e53826fb734d1222f1f0444c3a3fc67ff4af370a66e7cadd2cb24009f1bc86f0bed12ca5fcb226145ad10fc5f650f6ef0959f8aadc5a594b27 */
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