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var typeChecking = require("@fab1o/type-checking")

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@fab1o/type-checking v1.2.0

Throws Error when data fails to meet params.


Throws an Error when data fails to meet params configuration, ensuring data quality, i.e. data is both correct and useful.

npm install @fab1o/type-checking



  1. Simplification: It makes type-checking clean, declarative, easy to read and maintain;
  2. Performance: Avoids creating the error message before the assertion fails in most cases;
  3. Configurable: Throw your own Error object, and customize the error messages to your liking;
  4. Featureful: Array of types, Optional, Nullable and Undefinable types, Custom types and User-defined types;
  5. Smart error messages enable easier troubleshooting:
    • Dynamic function signature;
    • Base class parameters indicator;
    • Expected type and expected data;
    • Received data;


import { Types, typecheck } from '@fab1o/type-checking';

function setName(name, year) {
    const params = {
        name: Types.string,
        year: Types.number.optional

    typecheck(setName, params, arguments);

// error: setName(name, year) name expected a String but received a Number: 2020

setName('SDK', '2020');
// error: setName(name, year) year expected a Number or null or undefined but received a String: "2020"

setName('SDK', 2020);
// success
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