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var drawer = require("@forter/drawer")

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@forter/drawer v1.5.6

drawer from Forter Components


An element by Forter


   import '@forter/drawer';

<fc-drawer value="2">
   <item id="1" name="Decision Dashboard" icon="decision-dashboard">Investigation and feedback tools, performance KPIs and insights</item>
   <item id="2" name="Partner" icon="partner">Portfolio fraud management for PSPs and partners</item>
   <item id="3" name="Item Not Recieved" label-text="INR" style="--fc-drawer-item-background-color:#faf9ff;" icon="item-not-recieved">Protect from abuse, while supporting legitimate customers</item>


activeactivebooleanfalseAn attribute that represents the requested state of the component
currentItemcurrentItemstring""The label of the drawer button
gapgapstringThe size of the gap of the grid
valuevaluestringThe current selected item. example: 3
visiblevisiblebooleanfalseRepresents the state of the component, opened/closed.




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