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var gesso = require("@gesso/gesso")

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@gesso/gesso v1.0.0

Fast, interactive JavaScript programming.


Tool for fast interactive buildling.


  • Use in multiple ways
    • CLI with arguments (supports piped input)
    • REPL
    • Piped I/O
    • require or import as module
  • Compatibility
    • Supports any npm module
  • Quick
    • Graphical application composition
    • Automated npm package managemnt for Gesso functions
  • Configurable
    • Configure Gesso shell to customize the developer experience
  • Extensible
    • Custom command parsers with middleware
  • Deployable
    • Remove developer Gesso functions to package application for deployment
  • Integrations
    • Visual Studio Code extension (WIP)


gesso can install and run Gesso functions. The functions installed in a Gesso workspace define the capabilities of gesso.

To boostrap gesso for developing applications, run the following commands:

gesso install @gesso/function # Installs the default Gesso function.
gesso install @gesso/new      # Installs the "new" command to create functions.
gesso install @gesso/package  # Installs the "package" command to package applications.


Interactive (REPL)

Running gesso with no arguments and no piped input runs Gesso in interactive mode. Interactive mode is essentialy a REPL.

Run gesso to open Gesso in interactive mode which presents an input prompt:

$ echo "Hello"
$ text-to-speech "Hello there"


gesso and each gesso-function can be run from the command line.

Example: Echo input

gesso echo hello

Example: Generate a UUID

gesso echo uuid-generator

Example: Text to speech (single argument)

gesso text-to-speech "Hello from Gesso."

Example: Text to speech (explicit arguments)

gesso text-to-speech --input.text "Hello from Gesso."

Example: Text to speech (multiple explicit arguments)

gesso text-to-speech --input.text "Hello from Gesso." --input.voice Alex

Example: Text to speech (multiple explicit arguments with simplified syntax)

Input arguments can be specified without the input. prefix when only input arguments are specified.

gesso text-to-speech --text "Hello from Gesso." --voice Alex

Piping input and output

Example: Pipe a command and arguments

echo 'echo "hello world"' | gesso


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