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var random = require("@groupp/random")

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@groupp/random v1.0.1

Node.js library for generation various cryptographically strong pseudo-random numbers and sequences


Node.js library for generation various cryptographically strong pseudo-random numbers and sequences.


Install Random as an npm module and save it to your package.json file as a dependency:

npm install --save @groupp/random


Library provides class Random with static methods for generating various numbers, arrays and sequences with randimized content. Generation based on usage of Node.js crypto module and won't work in browser environment. Thanks to crypto module it generates cryptographically strong values that you can use in various tasks like shuffling arrays or generation "short ids". Most of the methods built to work asynchronous and won't block your API's. Just resolve returning promisees and enjoy the results.

Library written on Typescript with type definitions provided, so feel free to use with any Typescript environment like NestJS.


const { Random } = require('@groupp/random');

// generate buffer with 16 random bytes
const bytes = await Random.nextBytes(16);

// generate random int number between 0 and 10
const randomInt10 = await;

// generate random int number between 0 and 100
const randomInt100 = await;

// shuffle array
const testArray = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8];
const shuffledArray = await Random.shuffleArray(testArray);

// generate alpha numeric random sequence
const shortId = await Random.generateAlphanumSequence(12);

For more examples see test suite.


npm test


Any feedback and stars will be highly appreciated.

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