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var secrets = require("@hellotoby/secrets")

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@hellotoby/secrets v1.0.1

△ Secrets

Secrets is a tiny 2kb library for generating secure passwords.


yarn add @hellotoby/secrets


Simply instantiate a new Secret and pass the following parameters:

  • (int) Length of string you'd like to return
  • (bool) Use numeric characters
  • (bool) Use special characters

Turning off numbers and special characters will default to a random string of upper and lower case English letters.

Defaults to: new Secrets(32, true, true);


import Secrets from '@hellotoby/secrets';

const secret = new Secrets(32, true, true).generate();


const Secrets = require('@hellotoby/secrets');

const secret = new Secrets(32, true, true).generate();

In the browser

Import the file ./dist/secrets.min.js.

eg. <script src="secrets.min.js"></script>

Then in your javascript code use: const secret = new Secrets(64, true, true).generate();.


Secrets doesn't have any protection to stop it from generating naughty words. It's possible that something bad might come up in the generated password.

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