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var cpfFmt = require("@lacussoft/cpf-fmt")

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@lacussoft/cpf-fmt v1.0.2

Basic function to validate CPF (Brazilian ID document).

LacusSoft :: cpf-fmt

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Basic function to generate valid CPF (Brazilian ID document).


$ npm install @lacussoft/cpf-fmt


// ES6+ notation
import cpfFmt from '@lacussoft/cpf-fmt'

// Common JS
const cpfFmt = require('@lacussoft/cpf-fmt')

or import it through your HTML file, using CDN:

<script src=""></script>


const cpf = '47844241055'
cpfFmt(cpf)       // returns '478.442.410-55'

cpfFmt(cpf, {     // returns '478.***.***-**'
  hidden: true

cpfFmt(cpf, {     // returns '478442410_55'
  delimiters: {
    dot: '',
    dash: '_'

Formating options:

cpfFmt(cpf, {
  delimiters: {
    dot: '.',       // string to replace the dot characters
    dash: '-',      // string to replace the dash character
  escape: false,    // boolean to define if the result should be HTML escaped
  hidden: false,    // boolean to define if digits should be hidden
  hiddenKey: '*',   // string to replace hidden digits
  hiddenRange: {
    start: 3,       // starting index of the numeric sequence to be hidden (min 0)
    end: 10,        // ending index of the numeric sequence to be hidden (max 10)
  onFail(value) {   // fallback function to be invoked in case a non-11-digits is passed
    returnthrow new EvalError()
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