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var zhTokenizer = require("@nahanil/zh-tokenizer")

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@nahanil/zh-tokenizer v0.1.3

Tokenize Chinese texts into words.


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Tokenizes Chinese texts into words using CC-CEDICT.

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Use npm to install:

npm install @nahanil/zh-tokenizer --save

Updated Usage

Make sure to provide the CC-CEDICT data. Will not work with simplified characters

const tokenizer = require('@nahanil/zh-tokenizer')('./cedict.txt')


Make sure to provide the CC-CEDICT data.

const tokenizer = require('@nahanil/zh-tokenizer')('./cedict.txt')
const tokenizer = require('@nahanil/zh-tokenizer')('./cedict.txt', 'traditional')


[ { traditional: '我',
    simplified: '我',
    pinyin: 'wo3',
    pinyinPretty: 'wǒ',
    english: 'I/me/my' },
  { traditional: '是',
    simplified: '是',
    pinyin: 'shi4',
    pinyinPretty: 'shì',
    english: 'is/are/am/yes/to be\nvariant of 是[shi4]/(used in given names)' },
  { traditional: '中國人',
    simplified: '中国人',
    pinyin: 'zhong1 guo2 ren2',
    pinyinPretty: 'zhōng guó rén',
    english: 'Chinese person' },
  { traditional: '。',
    simplified: '。',
    pinyin: null,
    pinyinPretty: null,
    english: null } ]


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