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var cli = require("@neutronjs/cli")

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@neutronjs/cli v3.0.1

This CLI was developed to help developers create new projects quickly and easily

🚀 Overview

Neutron is a CLI developed to help developers create new react projects with Redux + Redux Saga and offers well-structured code standardization.

Templates and Scaffolding

  • [x] React JS
  • [x] React Native

‍👨🏽‍💻 Quick Start

To install Neutron JS, execute into your terminal:

# yarn
$ yarn global add @neutronjs/cli

# npm
$ npm i @neutronjs/cli -g

Command list:

Starts With:
  neutron create           Create new project with React

  neutron add:component    Add new component files
  neutron add:duck         Add new duck file
  neutron add:page         Add new page files
  neutron add:saga         Add new saga and duck files

  neutron -h               Show help information
  neutron -v               Output the version number

🚘 What's under the hood?

  • exec-sh - wrapper for child_process.spawn with some improvements;
  • gluegun - toolkit for building node-based command-line interfaces;
  • hyperquest - treat http requests as a streaming transport;
  • tar-pack - package and un-package modules of some sort (in tar/gz bundles);

📃 Contributing

Thanks for your interest on our project. Take a moment to read our guidelines:

📮 Contact

We have a few channels for contact:

📃 License

MIT © Neutron JS


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