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var propagatorGrpcCensusBinary = require("@opentelemetry/propagator-grpc-census-binary")

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@opentelemetry/propagator-grpc-census-binary v0.9.0

OpenTelemetry gRPC Census propagator provides a context propagator for OpenTelemetry that can use the gRPC binary header: 'grpc-trace-bin' for interoperability with OpenCensus

OpenTelemetry Propagator gRPC Census

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OpenTelemetry gRPC Census propagator provides gRPC header propagation for systems that use the OpenCensus 'grpc-trace-bin' binary header format. This allows for context propagation when either:

  • incoming gRPC calls come from services already instrumented using OpenCensus
  • outgoing gRPC calls go to services already instrumented using OpenCensus

This propagator works in conjunction with the OpenTelemetry gRPC plugin.

Example of usage:

const { NodeTracerProvider } = require('@opentelemetry/node');
const { GrpcCensusPropagator } = require("@opentelemetry/propagator-grpc-census-binary");

const provider = new NodeTracerProvider({
  plugins: {
    grpc: {
      enabled: true,
      path: '@opentelemetry/plugin-grpc',

// Register GrpcCensusPropagator so we can propagate content using
// the 'grpc-trace-bin' header in our incoming/outgoing gRPC calls.
  propagator: new GrpcCensusPropagator()

Also, see examples/grpc-census-prop for a worked example that shows when this propagator can be useful.

Implementation Details

See binary-format.ts for equivalent encoding/decoding of the format in OpenCensus. Note: the author of the OpenCensus binary format, @mayurkale22, also created BinaryTraceContext.ts in opentelemetry-core but that was subsequently removed as part of PR #804. The implementation of GrpcCensusPropagator in this module uses a version of BinaryTraceContext.ts inspired by Mayur's previous work (with minor modifications e.g. there is no longer a BinaryFormat interface to implement).

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Apache 2.0 - See LICENSE for more information.

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