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var short = require("@oppie/short")

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@oppie/short v0.1.0

A Node.js wrapper for the short API

short Node.js Library

Access to the short API from applications written in Node.js.


See the API specification.


Install the package with the preferred package manager.

yarn add @oppie/short


npm install @oppie/short --save


Within four lines of code, content can be condensed and further implemented in an application.

// Require the short library with an API key.
const short = require('@oppie/short')('<API_KEY>');

// Create a new message containing the content to be condensed.
const msg = await short.digest({
  content: 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, elit purus eros id vitae sed blandit. Risus dui dui, vel vehicula erat sem...'

 *   msg = {
 *     digest: 'Risus dui dui, vel vehicula erat sem...',
 *     inputLength: 270,
 *     outputLength: 123,
 *     reduction: 0.5444444444444445
 *   }


Contributions are welcomed at any time via pull request.


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