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require("react/package.json"); // react is a peer dependency. require("react-dom/package.json"); // react-dom is a peer dependency. var reactCatalogViewExtension = require("@patternfly/react-catalog-view-extension")

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@patternfly/react-catalog-view-extension v4.4.23

This library provides catalog view extensions for PatternFly 4 React.


This package contains catalog components based on the ones in PF3's patternfly-react-extensions package.

This package is currently an extension. Extension components do not undergo the same rigorous design or coding review process as core PatternFly components. If enough members of the community find them useful, we will work to move them into our core PatternFly system by starting the design process for the idea.


yarn add react-catalog-view-extension


npm install react-catalog-view-extension --save


import { Component } from 'react-catalog-view-extension';


Example with LESS:

@import "~bootstrap/sass/variables";
@import "~patternfly/dist/sass/variables";
@import "~patternfly-react/dist/sass/patternfly-react.scss";
@import "~react-catalog-view-extension/dist/sass/react-catalog-view-extension.scss";


yarn build

Note the build scripts for this are located in the root package.json under yarn build.


Testing is done at the root of this repo.

yarn test


yarn publish
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