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var nodeServerDocker = require("@pubcore/node-server-docker")

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@pubcore/node-server-docker v1.5.1

node server composed with docker

Package to create an Node.js web server based on express and docker

The package's purpose is to offer a foundation for express based web apps, with general, none functional behaviour regarding security, logging and performance beeing integrated.


npm i @pubcore/node-server-docker


'use strict'
const {app} = require('@pubcore/node-server-docker')
app.use((req, res) => res.send('Hello world!'))

Configuration environment variables with (default) value

  • APP_PORT (0) Application's ports
  • NODE_ENV (production) Type of environment, either 'development' or 'production'
  • RATE_WIN (3000), RATE_MAX (300), RATE_DELAY (0) Rate limit values, see
    Default values (Window: 5 min, Max: 300, Delay: 0)
  • TLS_KEY_DIR (/run/secrets) Path to the place where the TLS (SSL) key files for used domain are located. Required files: ssl-key, ssl-cert, ssl-dhparam
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