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@rucken/cli v3.0.1

Console tools for create and build Angular5+ application based on rucken


Console tools for create and build Angular6+ application based on rucken template

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What is Rucken?

- **Core** - Base entities and services for create applications on `Angular6+`, include work with users, groups and permissions. - **Web** - Base ui grids and inputs and etc. for manage users, groups and permissions.


```sh-session $ npm install -g @rucken/cli ``` # Commands * [`rucken entity [FOLDER]`](#rucken-entity-folder) * [`rucken new [FOLDER]`](#rucken-new-folder)

rucken entity [FOLDER]

generate model, service, grid, lookup input, modal for edit row in grid, modal for select items from grid with items

  $ rucken entity [FOLDER]

  -a, --app=app            application name in angular.json
  -c, --core=core          core library name in angular.json
  -e, --email=email        email
  -f, --fields=fields      [default: [name]] entity fields
  -h, --help               show CLI help
  -n, --name=name          (required) entity singular name on ke-bab case
  -u, --username=username  username
  -w, --web=web            web library name in angular.json

See code: src\commands\entity.ts

rucken new [FOLDER]

generate empty application based on rucken template

  $ rucken new [FOLDER]

  -e, --email=email        email
  -h, --help               show CLI help
  -n, --name=name          (required) application name on ke-bab case
  -u, --username=username  username

See code: src\commands\new.ts


* [`rucken config [FOLDER]`](#rucken-config-folder) * [`rucken help [COMMAND]`](#rucken-help-command) * [`rucken make-ts-list [FOLDER]`](#rucken-make-ts-list-folder) * [`rucken prepare [FOLDER]`](#rucken-prepare-folder) * [`rucken translate [FOLDER]`](#rucken-translate-folder) * [`rucken version-updater [FOLDER]`](#rucken-version-updater-folder)

rucken config [FOLDER]

change angular.json properties and tsconfig.json properties for switch between dev - for speedup mono serve mode and prod - build optimization and standalone build all lib and application

  $ rucken config [FOLDER]

  -h, --help             show CLI help
  -m, --mode=(dev|prod)  [default: prod]

See code: src\commands\config.ts

rucken help [COMMAND]

display help for rucken

  $ rucken help [COMMAND]

  COMMAND  command to show help for

  --all  see all commands in CLI

See code: @oclif/plugin-help

rucken make-ts-list [FOLDER]

make index.ts with list of ts files recursive from source folder

  $ rucken make-ts-list [FOLDER]

  -e, --excludes=excludes            [default: ["*server*","*node_modules*", "*public_api.ts*","*test.ts*"]] exclude
                                     directories/files masks

  -h, --help                         show CLI help

  -i, --indexFileName=indexFileName  [default: index.ts] output file

See code: src\commands\make-ts-list.ts

rucken prepare [FOLDER]

translate + make-ts-list + version-update + config

  $ rucken prepare [FOLDER]

  -h, --help             show CLI help
  -m, --mode=(dev|prod)  [default: prod]

See code: src\commands\prepare.ts

rucken translate [FOLDER]

extract translate from source and make ts class from it

  $ rucken translate [FOLDER]

  -c, --clean                      remove obsolete strings when merging
  -e, --excludes=excludes          [default: ["node_modules"]] exclude directories/files masks
  -f, --format=(po|json)           [default: po] file prefix and build mode
  -h, --help                       show CLI help
  -p, --prefix=prefix              name of class prefix
  -t, --templateName=templateName  [default: template] name of template

See code: src\commands\translate.ts

rucken version-updater [FOLDER]

libraries dependencies and package.json versions updater from root package.json

  $ rucken version-updater [FOLDER]

  -h, --help       show CLI help
  -r, --root=root  [default: .] root project with package.json for get inforamtion about dependencies and it versions

See code: src\commands\version-updater.ts

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