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var refocusCollector = require("@salesforce/refocus-collector")

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@salesforce/refocus-collector v1.3.0

Collector system to automate feeding data in to the Refocus platform.

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Prerequisite: NPM and Node.js

  • Install via Git Clone

    • git clone
    • cd refocus-collector
    • npm install
    • npm link
    • try command refocus-collector or refocus-collector --help

    Usage: refocus-collector [command] [options]


Start collector for name, refocus url, API token, proxy for refocus and proxy for data source. refocusProxy and dataSourceProxy are optional arguments
start --collectorName --refocusUrl --accessToken --refocusProxy --dataSourceProxy

Stop given collector
stop  --collectorName --refocusProxy

Show status of collector
status  --collectorName --refocusProxy

Deregister given collector
deregister  --collectorName --refocusProxy

Reregister given collector. refocusProxy is an optional argument
reregister  --collectorName --refocusUrl --accessToken --refocusProxy

Display help for [cmd]
help [cmd]


-n, --collectorName     specify the name of the collector
-h, --help     output usage information
-V, --version  output the version number


$ refocus-collector --help
$ refocus-collector start --collectorName=PRD_Collector_12345 --refocusUrl= --accessToken=eygduyguygijfdhkfjhkfdhg --refocusProxy= --dataSourceProxy=
$ refocus-collector stop --collectorName=PRD_Collector_12345
$ refocus-collector status --collectorName=PRD_Collector_12345
$ refocus-collector deregister --collectorName=PRD_Collector_12345
$ refocus-collector reregister --collectorName=PRD_Collector_12345 --refocusUrl= --accessToken=eygduyguygijfdhkfjhkfdhg --refocusProxy=

Version History

  • 1.1.1
    • Simplify the heartbeat payload - send up all the process info, not just delta from last heartbeat
  • 1.2.0
    • Reuse authentication token among generator clones until it expires.
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