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var args = require("@swim/args")

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@swim/args v3.10.2

Composable command line argument parser


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@swim/args implements a composable command-line argument parser.





For an npm-managed project, npm install @swim/args to make it a dependency. TypeScript sources will be installed into node_modules/@swim/args/main. Transpiled JavaScript and TypeScript definition files install into node_modules/@swim/args/lib/main. And a pre-built UMD script can be found in node_modules/@swim/args/dist/main/swim-args.js.



@swim/args can be imported as an ES6 module from TypeScript and other ES6-compatible environments.

import * as args from "@swim/args";


@swim/args can also be used as a CommonJS module in Node.js applications.

var args = require("@swim/args");
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