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var reactSvgloader = require("@weknow/react-svgloader")

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@weknow/react-svgloader v1.0.9

ReactJS Component for Ajax SVG file loading and DOM Injection.


This is a ReactJS Component for SVG file loading by Ajax and DOM injection. This component allow us to insert any SVG file specifying a path and adding a class name for css customization.


Please refer to the example file to see it working.

To run the example:

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Execute in console:
cd example
npm install
npm start

General Usage

As you will be able to see in example in order to use the component we need to importe it as:

import SvgLoader from 'bv-react-svgloader';

Then, in the render method we can just call it like:

<SvgLoader src='/svg/logo.svg' className="App-logo svg-logo"/>


Install this component is easy, just use npm as:

npm install bv-react-svgloader


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