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var wheelroomPluginGraphql = require("@wheelroom/wheelroom-plugin-graphql")

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@wheelroom/wheelroom-plugin-graphql v3.1.12

Site framework based on Contentful and Gatsby


This is a plugin for the @wheelroom/wheelroom package.

Have a look at the boilerplate to so see how to use this.


This plugin adds the create-graphql command which lets you create boilerplate graphql. Intended use is generating files for Gatsbyjs, a static site generator.

wheelroom create-graphql <template-set> <path> [options]


The plugin is configured by adding it to wheelroom-config.js

var templateSets = require('./wheelroom-template-sets')

module.exports = {
  components: {
  plugins: [
      resolve: '@wheelroom/wheelroom-plugin-graphql',
      options: {
        templateSets: templateSets,

Template sets

Using typescript, template sets are defined like this.

import { TemplateSets } from '@wheelroom/wheelroom-plugin-graphql'
import { fragment } from './fragment'
import { query } from './query'

export const templateSets: TemplateSets = {
  gatsbyjs: {
    fragment: {
      filterComponentSetting: 'asFragment',
      path: '%component-name%-fragment.js',
      template: fragment,
    query: {
      filterComponentSetting: 'asQuery',
      path: '%component-name%-query.js',
      template: query,
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