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@wmfs/tymly-pg-plugin v1.204.0

Replace Tymly's out-the-box memory storage with PostgreSQL


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Plugin for TymlyJS that provides PostgreSQL persistence


$ npm install pg-info --save



The audit service allows Tymly to keep a history of change in records.

If you do not want a model to keep a history of changes then add the flag "audit": false to it's json definition. Tymly will store this history in the 'rewind' model.

This service will pick up any file in the /pg-scripts directory of a blueprint with the following file naming convention: audit-{function-name}.sql where {function-name} is the name of your function.

This function will then be applied to all models by default unless they have "audit":false.


Keeps storage of relevant blueprint objects and creates them in the database provided at PG_CONNECTION_STRING.


Before running these tests, you'll need a test PostgreSQL database available and set a PG_CONNECTION_STRING environment variable to point to it, for example:


$ npm test



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