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var codeGovIntegrations = require("")

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Package for third party integrations being used by and its projects Integrations

CircleCI Maintainability Test Coverage

Small module to house integrations with third party services.

How to use this module

All integrations found in the libs folder are accesible when requiring this package.

const { github } = require('');

const githubClientParams = {
    type: 'token',
    token: '[your-gh-token]'
const client = github.getClient(githubClientParams)

github.getData('gsa', 'code-gov-integrations', client)
    .then(data => console.log(data))
    .catch(error => console.error(error));

For more examples take a looks at our examples folder.

How to add a module / integration

All you have to do is add a folder with an index.js file that exports your integration's API. The folder name will the the name used to export the integration.

  |- new_integration
    |- index.js

The included integration(s) export an object with a getData function. We recomend following the same pattern with your integrations.

Contributing integrations to this module must follow the pattern mentioned for it to be considered for inclusion.

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