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@dashevo/dapi-db-eventstore v1.4.2

Eventlog for dapi-db


npm version

An append-only log with traversable history. Useful for "latest N" use cases or as a message queue.

Used in orbit-db.

Table of Contents


npm install orbit-db ipfs


First, create an instance of OrbitDB:

const IPFS = require('ipfs')
const OrbitDB = require('orbit-db')

const ipfs = new IPFS()
const orbitdb = new OrbitDB(ipfs)

Get a log database and add an entry to it:

const log = orbitdb.eventlog('haad.posts')
log.add({ name: 'hello world' })
  .then(() => {
    const items = log.iterator().collect()
    items.forEach((e) => console.log(
    // "hello world"

Later, when the database contains data, load the history and query when ready:

const log = orbitdb.eventlog('haad.posts')'ready', () => {
  const items = log.iterator().collect()
  items.forEach((e) => console.log(
  // "hello world"

See example/index.html for a detailed example. Note that to run this example, you need to have a local IPFS daemon running at port 5001.


See orbit-db's API Documenations for full details.


See orbit-db's contributing guideline.


MIT © 2016-2018 Protocol Labs Inc., Haja Networks Oy, 2018 Dash Core Group, Inc.

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