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@heroku-cli/plugin-ps lists no main file and has no index.js, so it can't be directly required. If this is a mistake, please let us know. It may however contain internal files that you can require manually:

// require("@heroku-cli/plugin-ps/[??]")

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@heroku-cli/plugin-ps v7.30.0

ps core plugin for Heroku CLI


ps core plugin for Heroku CLI

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* [Commands](#commands) # Commands * [`heroku ps:autoscale:disable`](#heroku-psautoscaledisable) * [`heroku ps:autoscale:enable`](#heroku-psautoscaleenable) * [`heroku ps:wait`](#heroku-pswait) * [`heroku regions`](#heroku-regions)

heroku ps:autoscale:disable

disable web dyno autoscaling

  $ heroku ps:autoscale:disable

  -a, --app=app        (required) app to run command against
  -r, --remote=remote  git remote of app to use

See code: src/commands/ps/autoscale/disable.ts

heroku ps:autoscale:enable

enable web dyno autoscaling

  $ heroku ps:autoscale:enable

  -a, --app=app        (required) app to run command against
  -r, --remote=remote  git remote of app to use
  --max=max            (required) maximum number of dynos
  --min=min            (required) minimum number of dynos
  --notifications      receive email notifications when the max dyno limit is reached
  --p95=p95            desired p95 response time

See code: src/commands/ps/autoscale/enable.ts

heroku ps:wait

wait for all dynos to be running latest version after a release

  $ heroku ps:wait

  -R, --with-run                     whether to wait for one-off run dynos
  -a, --app=app                      (required) app to run command against
  -r, --remote=remote                git remote of app to use
  -t, --type=type                    wait for one specific dyno type

  -w, --wait-interval=wait-interval  [default: 10] how frequently to poll in seconds (to avoid hitting Heroku API rate

See code: src/commands/ps/wait.ts

heroku regions

list available regions for deployment

  $ heroku regions

  --common   show regions for common runtime
  --json     output in json format
  --private  show regions for private spaces

See code: src/commands/regions.ts

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