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var apiFixtures = require("@ideal-postcodes/api-fixtures")

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@ideal-postcodes/api-fixtures v1.2.0


Ideal Postcodes API Fixtures

Static test fixtures generated from

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This library provides static HTTP API response data for as JSON objects. Canned API responses are exported as Fixture objects, containing a JSON response body (body) and HTTP Status Code (httpStatus).

Fixtures are periodically regenerated with live API requests from

We use it internally as an initial line of testing to mock HTTP requests and stub out API client function calls.


  • Static, importable JSON response payloads generated from (ideal for mock HTTP requests or stubbing API clients)
  • HTTP request definition included
  • Periodically regenerated from live API responses
  • Typescript typings
  • Detailed, low level fixture and type documentation



npm install @ideal-postcodes/api-fixtures
import { postcodes } from "@ideal-postcodes/api-fixtures";

// or 
// const { postcodes } = require("@ideal-postcodes/api-fixtures");


  url: "/v1/postcodes/SW1A2AA",
  httpStatus: 200,
  body: {
    "code": 2000,
    "message": "success",
    "results": [
        "postcode": "SW1A 2AA",
        "postcode_inward": "2AA",
        "postcode_outward": "SW1A",
        "post_town": "LONDON",
        "dependant_locality": "",
        "double_dependant_locality": "",
        "thoroughfare": "Downing Street",
        "dependant_thoroughfare": "",
        "building_number": "10",
        "building_name": "",
        "department_name": "",
        "organisation_name": "Prime Minister & First Lord Of The Treasury",
        "udprn": 23747771,
        "umprn": "",
        "delivery_point_suffix": "1A",
        "line_1": "Prime Minister & First Lord Of The Treasury",
        "line_2": "10 Downing Street",
        "line_3": "",
        "premise": "10",

Quick Reference


Code is MIT

Data provided by API is for testing and integration purposes only for PAF Products

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