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@launch/entry v1.7.0

Launch.js - Simple client/server entry plugin

🚀 Launch.js - Simple client/server entry plugin

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Plugin for Launch.js to add a client/server entrypoint.

Useful for scenarios where other plugins don't set an entrypoint.


import App from "@launch/app";
import EntryPlugin from "@launch/entry";

void new App()
    new EntryPlugin()


server(file: string)

Set the absolute path to the server entrypoint.

client(file: string)

Set the absolute path to the client entrypoint.

Setting the file path

When passing a file string to either the .server() or .client() methods, give an absolute path.

The simplest way to do this is to use require.resolve(), which will first resolve relative to the source file that calls the method, and will return the fully qualified path on disk.



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