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require("mongodb/package.json"); // mongodb is a peer dependency. require("typeorm/package.json"); // typeorm is a peer dependency. var marshalMongo = require("@marcj/marshal-mongo")

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@marcj/marshal-mongo v0.9.1

Marshal's Mongo database management.

Mongo Database for Marshal

npm version

Marshal's MongoDB database abstraction makes it super easy to retrieve and store data from and into your MongoDB. We make sure the data from your JSON or class instance is correctly converted to MongoDB specific types and inserted IDs are applied to your class instance.

npm install @marcj/marshal-mongo reflect-metadata mongodb typeorm

Install buffer as well if you want binary support.

import {plainToClass} from "@marcj/marshal";
import {Database} from "@marcj/marshal-mongo";
import {createConnection} from "typeorm";

(async () => {
const connection = await createConnection({
    type: "mongodb",
    host: "localhost",
    port: 27017,
    database: "testing",
    useNewUrlParser: true,
const database = new Database(connection, 'testing');

const instance: SimpleModel = plainToClass(SimpleModel, {
    id: 'f2ee05ad-ca77-49ea-a571-8f0119e03038',
    name: 'myName',

await, instance);

const list: SimpleModel[] = await database.find(SimpleModel);
const oneItem: SimpleModel = await database.get(
    {id: 'f2ee05ad-ca77-49ea-a571-8f0119e03038'}


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