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var aplouder = require("@maslick/aplouder")

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@maslick/aplouder v1.3.3

enhanced multi-file uploader


npm (scoped) npm bundle size (minified) npm no dependencies npm download count License: MIT

enhanced multi-file uploader


  • enhances the standard HTML input type="file" element
  • adds an image gallery with thumbnails
  • shows size/filename on mouse hover
  • on-click image preview (use left/right/esc keys to navigate through the gallery)
  • 100% JavaScript
  • works perfectly on desktop, mobile and tablet
  • support for non-image files
  • no extra dependencies (jquery, etc.)
  • small size (minified ~6 Kb)
  • browser and Node.js friendly



Live demo can be found here.


<link rel="stylesheet" href="aplouder.css">
<script src="aplouder.js"></script>


  1. Define your input file element:
<input type="file" id="my-element" multiple>
  1. Initialize ApLouder
    var aplouder = new Aplouder({
        id: "my-element",
        callback: function (f) {


is identical to:


Node.js environment

import Aplouder from "@maslick/aplouder";

const aplouder = new Aplouder({
    id: "el-1",
    callback: function (f) {

For a React.js example see this project.


This project is licenced under the MIT License.

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