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require("react/package.json"); // react is a peer dependency. require("react-dom/package.json"); // react-dom is a peer dependency. var ndxJs = require("@ndxlabs/ndx-js")

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@ndxlabs/ndx-js v2.1.3

NDX connects audiences with information in movies and television.

NPM Version GitHub top language GitHub License Dependencies

NDX is the industry's new standard for connecting information to movies and television. NDX improves the TV viewing experience by connecting audiences with more information about the actors and locations they see on screen.


Using either NPM or Yarn:

npm install @ndxlabs/ndx-js
yarn add @ndxlabs/ndx-js



<div class="ndx-embed"></div>

<script src=""></script>

    apiKey: 'ab3rGRg4iwC5Qy...'

  const tech = ndx.Tech('.ndx-embed', '1234567...', {
    list: {
      orientation: ndx.HORIZONTAL,
      view: ndx.LIST,
      style: {
        position: 'absolute',
        bottom: '2em',
        left: '0'
    detail: {
      relatedContent: true



import React from 'react';
import { withRouter } from 'react-router';
import { NDX, ndx } from '@ndxlabs/ndx-js';

import Controls from '../../components/Controls';
import Player from '../../components/Player';

const Watch = withRouter(({ match, store }) => {
  const { videoId } = match.params;
  const { playing, currentTime } = store.getState().player;

  return (
    <div className="watch-page">
      <NDX apiKey={process.env.REACT_APP_NDX_API_KEY} />
        <Controls />
            style: {
              position: 'absolute',
              bottom: '2em',
              left: '0'
          }} />


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