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var nyplDataApiClient = require("@nypl/nypl-data-api-client")

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@nypl/nypl-data-api-client v1.0.0

Simple client for interacting with NYPL's internal data api

NYPL Data API Client

Helper lib for interacting with the (internal) NYPL Data API


Install it via npm for use inside your project:

npm i @nypl/nypl-data-api-client --save



const NyplClient = require('@nypl/nypl-data-api-client')
var client = new NyplClient({ base_url: 'http://[FQDN].com/api/v0.1/' })


See for complete documentation of Client methods and use.

(Usage doc is generated via ./node_modules/.bin/jsdoc2md lib/client.js >


To authenticate and fetch a bib (all GETs authenticate first, by default):

client.get('bibs/sierra-nypl/17746307').then((resp) => {
  let bib =
  console.log('Got bib: ' + bib.title)
}).catch((e) => console.error('Error authenticating or fetching bib: ', e))

To get the "Item" stream schema, which doesn't require authentication:

client.get('current-schemas/Item', { authenticate: false }).then((resp) => {
  let schema =
  // Now we can build an avro encoder by parsing the escaped "schema" prop:
  var avroType = require('avsc').parse(JSON.parse(schema.schema))

To get patron id 12345678 (note you must auth with an account that has the 'read:patron' role):

client.get('patrons/12345678').then((resp) => {
  let patron =
  if (!patron) console.error('Could not find patron')
  else {
    var pType = Object.keys(patron.fixedFields).map((key) => patron.fixedFields[key])
      .filter((fixed) => fixed.label === 'Patron Type')[0]
    var name = patron.names[0]
    var barcode = patron.barCodes[0]

    console.log('  Name: ' + name)
    console.log('  Barcode: ' + barcode)
    console.log('  Patron Type: ' + pType)

To POST a new "TestSchema" schema:'schemas/TestSchema', '{ "name": "TestSchema", "type": "record", "fields": [ ... ] }')
  .then((resp) => {
    if (JSON.parse(resp) !== 'TestSchema') throw Error('Error creating schema...')


A small CLI exists for common tasks. Run the following for a list of commands:


To get help with any command run:

nypl-data-api help [command]

Note that the lib draws from the following environment variables, which you can place in .env:


Schema post

Run the following to upload the content of the given jsonfile to schemas/[name]

nypl-data-api schema post [name] [jsonfile]


All tests work offline with request and oauth stubs:

npm test

If you want to run the test suite against real infrastructure, you can do so as follows:

USE_CREDENTIALS=[credentials file, e.g. '.env'] npm test
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