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@pelevesque/is-point-in v0.1.4

Checks if a point is inside a shape.

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Checks if a point is inside a shape.

Node Repository


npm install @pelevesque/is-point-in


npm test or npm run testAll Tests Below
npm run coverStandard Style
npm run standardCoverage
npm run unitUnit Tests


  • rectangle Checks if a point is inside a rectangle.
  • circle Checks if a point is inside a circle.



Requiring the Entire Module

const IsPointIn = require('@pelevesque/is-point-in')

Requiring a Specific Method

const IsPointInRectangle = require('@pelevesque/is-point-in').rectangle


// point
const x = 10
const y = 10

// rectangle
const x1 = 5
const y1 = 5
const x2 = 15
const y2 = 15

const result = IsPointIn.rectangle(x, y, x1, y1, x2, y2)
// result === true


// point
const x = -3.84
const y = 3.22

// circle
const cx = 0
const cy = 0
const cRadius = 5

const result =, y, cx, cy, cRadius)
// result === false
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