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require("@progress/kendo-react-buttons/package.json"); // @progress/kendo-react-buttons is a peer dependency. require("@progress/kendo-react-dialogs/package.json"); // @progress/kendo-react-dialogs is a peer dependency. require("@progress/kendo-react-dropdowns/package.json"); // @progress/kendo-react-dropdowns is a peer dependency. require("@progress/kendo-react-intl/package.json"); // @progress/kendo-react-intl is a peer dependency. require("@progress/kendo-react-popup/package.json"); // @progress/kendo-react-popup is a peer dependency. require("react/package.json"); // react is a peer dependency. require("react-dom/package.json"); // react-dom is a peer dependency. var kendoReactEditor = require("@progress/kendo-react-editor")

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@progress/kendo-react-editor v3.6.0

Kendo UI for React Editor package

KendoReact Editor Component for React

The KendoReact Editor enables users to create rich textual content through a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) interface and delivers a set of tools for creating, editing, and formatting of text, paragraphs, lists, and other HTML elements.


This package is а part of KendoReact – a commercial UI library.

Before installing this package, it is required that you accept the KendoReact License Agreement. You can do this either through purchasing a license or registering for a free trial.

The 30-day free trial gives you access to all the KendoReact components and their full functionality. Additionally, for the period of your license, you get access to our legendary technical support provided directly by the KendoReact dev team!

Head over to KendoReact and sign up today!.

React HTML Editor

Among the features which the KendoReact Editor component delivers are:

  • Ready-to-use, Customizable Toolset—The Editor provides a rich set of built-in, user-interface tools. It also enables you to customize each one of them and/or add custom ones.
  • Custom Rendering—The Editor provides options for customizing the way it renders its elements—for example, HTML wrapper element, tools, and dialogs.
  • Get and/or Set HTML Content—You can programmatically get the HTML content of the Editor and/or set an updated version back.
  • Sanitizing Pasted HTML Content—A set of built-in functions look after sanitizing the content which the user pastes in the content area of the editor.
  • Plugins—Various ways to extend and customize the functionality and features of the editor by using different plugins.
  • Modify the Schema—By modifying the default, built-in schema, you can add additional types of nodes and marks as well as edit and remove the existing ones. This results in more tailored and customizable experience for the users.
  • Globalization—By using the available globalization options in KendoReact, you can translate the Editor messages by adapting them to specific culture locales.
  • Theme support—The KendoReact Editor, as well as all 60+ components in the KendoReact suite, are styled in three polished themes (Bootstrap, Material and Default) and can be further customized to match your specific design guidelines.

Support Options

For any issues you might encounter while working with the KendoReact Editor, use any of the available support channels:

  • Industry-Leading Technical Support - KendoReact paid license holders and users with an active (free) trial license can take advantage of our outstanding customer support. To submit a ticket, use the dedicated KendoReact support system.
  • Product Forums – The KendoReact forums are part of the free support you can get from the community and from the KendoReact team.
  • Feedback Portal – The KendoReact feedback portal is where you can request and vote for new features to be added.


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