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var ionicSub = require("@rdlabo/ionic-sub")

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@rdlabo/ionic-sub v0.4.2

operate ionic project

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Ionic-sub CLI

This is private command line interface (CLI) for support Ionic CLI. This CLI support for developing Ionic Framework Project.


$ npm i @rdlabo/ionic-sub -g
  • The corresponding version of nodejs is version 8 or higher!


Just run the command!


$ ionic-sub set all
$ ionic-sub set lint
$ ionic-sub set formatter
$ ionic-sub set alias

set all

This command run all set environment. it's recommended;

set lint

This command rewrite tslint.json base of Angular 6.

set formatter

This command set formatter. Import prettier and set package.json.

set alias

You can use @ alias. @ connect src folder. so you can write.

import { HomePage } from '../pages/home/home';
import { HomePage } from '@/pages/home/home';
import { Example } from '../../providers/example/example';
import { HomePage } from '@/providers/example/example';

And you can use environment file. This change --prod or none. (This is ionic-angular(v3) only. angular(v4) have default environment file)

import { environment } from '@app/environment';


Environment file create src/environments. If you add command --prod, environment is environment/ Or nothing, environment is environment/

beta: set mount

This command is angular(v4) only. Add this development file.

  • src/app/components/components.module.ts
  • src/app/directives/directives.module.ts
  • src/app/pipes/pipes.module.ts
  • src/interfaces/index.ts


$ ionic-sub server netlify -d

server netlify

This command create Netlify's build file. This file auto set this.

  1. create robot.txt.
  2. create _redirects for redirect to www.
  3. create _headers for ServerPush.
  4. change styles inline. (v4 only)

You should add Build command node in Netlify's deploy setting.




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