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require("prop-types/package.json"); // prop-types is a peer dependency. require("react/package.json"); // react is a peer dependency. var rect = require("@render-props/rect")

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@render-props/rect v0.1.22


A state container which provides an interface for retrieving the bounding client rect of a referenced element. The bounding client rect will update each time the window resizes - a behavior which can be turned off by setting the prop recalcOnWindowResize to false. It doesn't provide values for x and y, as IE, Edge and Safari don't have them as part of their DOMRect.


yarn add @render-props/rect or npm i @render-props/rect


import Rect from '@render-props/rect'

function DivWithRect (props) {
  return (
      ({rectRef, recalcRect, top, right, bottom, left, width, height}) => (
        <div ref={rectRef}>
            My width: {width}
            My height: {height}
            My position: {JSON.stringify({top, right, bottom, left})}


  • recalcOnWindowResize {bool}: if true, this component will update itself each time a window resize event is detected. Defaults to true.
  • withCoords {bool}: if true, this component will provide its child function with unpacked arguments for its bounding client rect, i.e. {top, right, bottom, left, width, height}. If false, it will provide a function getRect instead which will return the same object just mentioned. Defaults to true.

Render Props


  • rectRef (element)
    • This ref must be provided to whatever element you are trying to receive the bounding client rect for. e.g. <div ref={rectRef}>


  • recalcRect
    • remeasures the element bound to rectRef
  • getRect
    • only present if withCoords is set to false. Returns the bounding client rect object.


Note: these are only provided if withCoords is true.

  • top {number}: the top coordinate value of the DOMRect
  • right {number}: the right coordinate value of the DOMRect
  • bottom {number}: the bottom coordinate value of the DOMRect
  • left {number}: the left coordinate value of the DOMRect
  • width {number}: the width of the DOMRect
  • height {number}: the height of the DOMRect


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