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var isun = require("@scanf/isun")

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@scanf/isun v0.2.0

check if a website is using Netlify

isun - Is Using Netlify?

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Check if a website is using Netlify by reading the HTTP server header field.


npm install --save @scanf/isun

Usage as module

const url = "";

require("@scanf/isun").IsUsingNetlify(url, isun => {
  assert.equal(true, isun);

Usage as Lambda function on Netlify

Deploy to Netlify

Assuming you have deployed on Netlify and your domain is, the below should work:


The function expects you to set the query parameter url and be compliant with RFC 3986. Or simply put pass a valid url and remember to include https:// prefix :wink:


The project uses a MIT license for all files unless otherwise specified.

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