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var rstreamDot = require("")

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Graphviz DOT conversion of dataflow graph topologies

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This project is part of the monorepo.


Graphviz DOT conversion of dataflow graph topologies.


yarn add


Usage examples

import * as rsd from "";

import * as rs from "";
import * as tx from "";

// create dummy dataflow
a = rs.fromIterable([1,2,3]);
b = rs.fromIterable([10, 20, 30]);
a.transform( => x * 10), "x10");
rs.merge({src: [a, b]}).subscribe(rs.trace());

// now capture the topology by walking the graph from its root(s)
// and convert the result to GraphViz DOT format
console.log(rsd.toDot(rsd.walk([a, b])));

// digraph g {
// rankdir=LR;
// node[fontname=Inconsolata,fontsize=11,style=filled,fontcolor=white];
// edge[fontname=Inconsolata,fontsize=11];
// s0[label="iterable-0\n(Stream)", color=blue];
// s1[label="x10", color=black];
// s2[label="in-iterable-0", color=black];
// s3[label="<noid>", color=gray];
// s4[label="streammerge-0\n(StreamMerge)", color=red];
// s5[label="sub-1", color=black];
// s6[label="<noid>", color=gray];
// s7[label="iterable-1\n(Stream)", color=blue];
// s8[label="in-iterable-1", color=black];
// s9[label="<noid>", color=gray];
// s5 -> s6;
// s4 -> s5;
// s3 -> s4;
// s2 -> s3;
// s0 -> s1[label="xform"];
// s0 -> s2;
// s9 -> s4;
// s8 -> s9;
// s7 -> s8;
// }

Copy output to file and then run:

dot -Tsvg -o graph.svg

This will generate this diagram:

graphviz output


  • Karsten Schmidt


© 2018 Karsten Schmidt // Apache Software License 2.0

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