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var tenancyApi = require("@upvest/tenancy-api")

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@upvest/tenancy-api v0.0.18

An axios-based client for the Upvest Tenancy API

Client library for the Upvest Tenancy API

This API encompasses operations for managing users within your tenancy.

A tenancy is your "area" of Upvest, where you will be registering your users before authenticating them with OAuth2. When registering a user, you will be provided with a recovery kit to forward on to the user.

This API client is based on axios.

Here is an example how to use it in Node.js:

const { UpvestTenancyAPI } = require('@upvest/tenancy-api');

const config = {
  "baseURL": "",
  "apikey": {
    "key": "tPKWL9B_yTgfSToOFJmLyg",
    "secret": "9O7tLb1ub6qLHZQ00ButDOcfvw9g7Gn8GzFB4WmsUrA",
    "passphrase": "dlKsARh6U3chEQK0WBTU-u-qqn-l4IknmXH1jRGW_fQ"

const tenancy = new UpvestTenancyAPI(

async function example() {
  const username = 'Example User';
  const password = 'ex@mp1e p@55w0rd';

  let exampleUser;
  try {
    exampleUser = await tenancy.users.create(username, password);
  catch (error) {
    // Handle error


  for await (const user of tenancy.users.list()) {


For more examples, please check out our test-suite at


This software is released under the MIT License

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