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var addressSearcher = require("address-searcher")

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address-searcher v1.11.1

Address searching with typeaheads and multiple choices

AddressSearch (Demo)


Address searching with typeaheads and multiple choices


  • Installation

Simply import Google Places API & AddressSearch into your HTML.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="address-search.min.css">
<script src=""></script>
<script src="address-search.min.js"></script>
  • How to use

Create a new AddressSearch object with a query String or an Element as the first parameter :

let address = new AddressSearch('div.with[any="selector"]', options, delay);
// OR
let element = document.querySelector('li.terally[any="thing"]');
let address = new AddressSearch(element, options, delay);
  • Options

You can automatically fill inputs with address informations when the user selects an address.
To do that, simply add the information type you want and the selector for the input to fill.

The options object works as follows

typename : 'targetInput[selector]'
typename_short : 'targetInput[selector]'

Available components:

  street_number: '...',
  route: '...',
  country: '...',
  administrative_area_level_1: '...',
  administrative_area_level_2: '...',
  administrative_area_level_3: '...',
  administrative_area_level_4: '...',
  administrative_area_level_5: '...',
  colloquial_area: '...',
  locality: '...',
  sublocality: '...',
  neighborhood: '...',
  premise: '...',
  subpremise: '...',
  postal_code: '...',
  point_of_interest: '...'
  • Delay

You can use the third parameter to enter a delay (ms).
This delay will be used before displaying Google API predictions after each keypress.
This can help you mitigate the amount of requests made on your account.

The delay parameter works as follows

new AddressSearch(element, options, 500);
  • Methods

See the documentation for the method definitions.

  • Example

See this JSFiddle for a working example


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