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var ajaxRequest = require("ajax-request")

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ajax-request v1.2.3

Http request for nodejs, and it also support file download

ajax-request — Simplified http request


var request = require('ajax-request');


npm install ajax-request --save




request(options, callback)

  • {obejct|string} options required
    If the options is string, it will send get request.
    • {string} options.url required
    • {string} options.method [options.method=GET]
      The http request type
    • {obejct}
      if the request type is GET, it's appended to query string of the URL, or it's sended to remote of body.
    • {object} options.headers
      An object containing request headers.
    • {string} options.encoding
      Set response data encoding
    • {boolean} options.isBuffer [options.isBuffer=false]
      Parse response data to buffer
    • {boolean} options.json [options.json=false]
      Parse response data to json
  • {function} callback required
request('url', function(err, res, body) {});

  url: '',
  method: 'GET',
  data: {
    query1: 'value1'
}, function(err, res, body) {

.post(options, callback)

The API same as request{
  url: 'url',
  data: {},
  headers: {}

.download(options, callback)

  • {obejct} options required
    • options.url {string} required
    • options.ignore {boolean} [options.ignore=false]
      Is the filepath ignore case.
    • options.rootPath {string} [options.rootPath='']
      The root of dest path
    • options.destPath {string|function}
      Custom the download path.
  • {function} callback required{
  url: 'path/index.png',
  rootPath: ''
}, function(err, res, body, destpath) {});{
  url: 'path/index.png',
  destPath: function(filename) {
    return filename;
}, function(err, res, body, destpath) { });

.base64(url, callback)

Deprecated, move to base64


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