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require("@angular/common/package.json"); // @angular/common is a peer dependency. require("@angular/core/package.json"); // @angular/core is a peer dependency. var angularPolygonSpinners = require("angular-polygon-spinners")

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angular-polygon-spinners v1.0.4

Angular spinner animation library

Angular Polygon Spinners

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Spinner animation library for Angular 6 or 7. Demo here.

Intended for experimentation and not for production.


npm install --save angular-polygon-spinners


Import the module into your module file.

import { PolygonSpinnerModule } from 'angular-polygon-spinners';

    imports: [PolygonSpinnerModule]


Each component is 200px x 200px by default and can be scaled accordingly.

Customizable spinner

  <app-custom-spinner [spinnerConfigs]="configs"></app-custom-spinner>

Configs are defined in the parent component's TypeScript file.

The polygons are layered by order in the polygon array. [ (Back) , (Front) ]

A basic configuration:

configs = {
  polygons: [
      sides: 3,
      size: 100,
      fill: {
        color: "red",
        colorChange: {}
      stroke: {
        color: "blue",
        width: 8,
        strokeLinecap: "butt",
        colorChange: {},
        dash: {}
      spin: {
        direction: "clockwise",
        time: "2s",
        type: "linear"
      sides: 8,
  • sides The number of sides on the polygon (3-10)
  • size The scaled size of the polygon (0-100)
  • fill.color Shape fill color (color value | null)
  • stroke.color Stroke color (color value | null)
  • stroke.width Stroke width (width value | null)
  • stroke.strokeLinecap SVG strokeLinecap attribute
Animation Options
  • spin.direction Rotation direction (clockwise | counter-clockwise)
  • spin.time Duration of one 360 degree spin
  • spin.type CSS animation-timing-function property

Color changes can be applied to fill and strokes:

colorChange: {
  colors: ["#f49e42", "red", "black"],
  time: "5s"

Dash properties can be applied to strokes:

dash: {
  dashArray: 10,
  dashOffset: 500,
  direction: "clockwise",
  type: "linear",
  time: "20s"

Preset Spinners

Listed are preset, non-configurable spinners:










MIT © Justin Haupt

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