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require("@angular/core/package.json"); // @angular/core is a peer dependency. require("@angular/http/package.json"); // @angular/http is a peer dependency. require("rxjs/package.json"); // rxjs is a peer dependency. var angular5Csv = require("angular5-csv")

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angular5-csv v0.2.11

Helper library for create CSV file in Angular 5


Angular5-csv | Export to CSV in Angular5

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Helper library for create CSV file in Angular5


npm install --save angular5-csv


import { Angular5Csv } from 'angular5-csv/Angular5-csv';

var data = [
    name: "Test 1",
    age: 13,
    average: 8.2,
    approved: true,
    description: "using 'Content here, content here' "
    name: 'Test 2',
    age: 11,
    average: 8.2,
    approved: true,
    description: "using 'Content here, content here' "
    name: 'Test 4',
    age: 10,
    average: 8.2,
    approved: true,
    description: "using 'Content here, content here' "

new Angular5Csv(data, 'My Report');

API | Angular5Csv(data, filename, options)

fieldSeparator,Defines the field separator character
quoteStrings"If provided, will use this characters to "escape" fields, otherwise will use double quotes as deafult
decimalseparator.Defines the decimal separator character (default is .). If set to "locale", it uses the language sensitive representation of the number.
showLabelsfalseIf provided, would use this attribute to create a header row
useBomtrueIf true, adds a BOM character at the start of the CSV
noDownloadfalseIf true, disables automatic download and returns only formatted CSV
nullToEmptyStringfalseIf true, all null values will be changed to empty strings

Options Example

  var options = { 
    fieldSeparator: ',',
    quoteStrings: '"',
    decimalseparator: '.',
    showLabels: true, 
    showTitle: true,
    title: 'Your title',
    useBom: true,
    noDownload: true,
    headers: ["First Name", "Last Name", "ID"],
    nullToEmptyString: true,

  Angular5Csv(data, filename, options);


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