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any-to-any v2.1.0

convert numbers between bases ( any base to any base ) 🔀 ..

ANY-TO-ANY - converts numbers between bases ; binary , decimal , octal , hexadecimal and muche more ..


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The purpose of this module is to convert numbers from any base to other base you want ..


# npm ..
$ npm install any-to-any
# yarn ..
$ yarn add any-to-any


This is a practical example of how to use.

// const Convert = require ('any-to-any');
const { Convert } = require ('any-to-any');

let InputNumber  = '1110111'; // 119 in decimal
let InputBase = 2;
let OutputBase = 8;

let result = Convert (InputNumber, InputBase, OutputBase);
console.log(`*****\n ${result} \n*****`);

// $your_pc_name_with_your_directory
// *****
//  167
// *****

// NOTE: in case the input number is consists of numbers only,
// you can enter the number to the function in number type ..
let InputNumber  = 1110111; // 119 in decimal
let InputBase = 2 ;
let OutputBase = 8 ;
let result = Convert ( InputNumber , InputBase , OutputBase  ); 
console.log(`*****\n ${result} \n*****`);

// $your_pc_name_with_your_directory
// *****
//  167
// *****

NOTE: There are a set of suggested examples that have been tested that you can follow here.

Some Informations

Switching between bases numbers is becoming easier with this module .. This module can convert the integers numbers between base 2 & base 36 and soon it will be possible to convert real numbers ...



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