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var arrayMeans = require("array-means")

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array-means v1.6.1

Calculates various averages of an array


Calculates various averages of an array

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Node.js environment

npm i array-means --save

Browser environment

Download the latest version of array-means here.


Node.js environment

const arrayMeans = require("array-means");

var amean = arrayMeans.arithmetic([10, 25, 50]);
var amean = arrayMeans.a([10, 25, 50]);
// amean => 28.333333333333332

var qmean = arrayMeans.quadratic([10, 25, 50]);
var qmean = arrayMeans.q([10, 25, 50]);
// qmean => 32.78719262151

var hmean = arrayMeans.harmonic([10, 25, 50]);
var hmean = arrayMeans.h([10, 25, 50]);
// hmean => 18.75

var gmean = arrayMeans.geometric([10, 25, 50]);
var gmean = arrayMeans.g([10, 25, 50]);
// gmean => 23,20794417

var cmean = arrayMeans.cubic([10, 25, 50]);
var cmean = arrayMeans.c([10, 25, 50]);
// cmean => 36,14150411


AlgorithmOperations per secondToleranceNumber of runs
arithmetic57,677,242 ops/sec±0.09%92 runs sampled
quadratic31,527,477 ops/sec±0.04%96 runs sampled
harmonic107,957,742 ops/sec±0.39%95 runs sampled
geometric122,245,766 ops/sec±0.22%95 runs sampled
cubic106,860,481 ops/sec±0.44%92 runs sampled

Tested with the benchmark suite inside the package on a PC with an Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4.40 GHz using Node.js v10.13.0.


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